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Tips and Tricks: How to Put in Hair Extension with Clips

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Clip-in extensions are an excellent addition to any hair type or style. Whether you’re in the middle of growing out your hair or you simply want your hair to have more length and fullness, it’s important to know some essential tips and tricks to ensure your hair extensions look natural.

Choose high-quality extensions

We buy hair extensions because we want thick, beautiful, natural looking thick hair. In order to get the best bang for your buck, ensure that you purchase 100% Remy full human hair extensions. There are several reasons to pick high-quality human hair extensions, one being that they can withstand heat, unlike synthetic extensions. So you can curl, straighten and blow-dry your hair without worrying that you’re ruining your brand new extensions.


When you purchase your clip-in hair extensions, you will notice that there are many different sized tracks available. Some will be large, whereas others may only have one clip and quite small. Pick the one that is wide enough to fit across your section, but not too wide where it may stick out.

Don’t be afraid to tease

Always make sure that you tease the base of the section where you will be putting the clip. If you’re cursed with slippery or naturally silky hair, it is vital that you use a strong hold hairspray to each area of hair that you plan on teasing. It’s important you allow the hairspray to dry thoroughly before putting the clips in! Make sure that you double check your clips so that they’re secure before going to the next row.

As you move up your head and continue applying the tracks, it is important to space out each row appropriately.  You should have at least 1/2 an inch separating the tracks because you need to have enough natural hair to tease and attach to the next row.

Go to the smaller tracks

Once you’ve put as many tracks as you need in the back of your head, its time to place the medium-sized and smaller tracks to the sides of your head. You will need to leave at least 1/2 an inch of space on your hairline. If you proceed to apply the clips too close to the hairline, you will be left with very noticeable extensions, and nobody wants that!

Placing tracks

The biggest mistake that most people make when using hair extensions is that they place the track too high up. Even though there is more than enough natural hair to cover the track, there is still a risk that the track will be detectable throughout the day.

When you finish applying all of your tracks, gently brush through your entire head of hair. By brushing thoroughly, you will be able to feel if there are any rogue clips that need adjusting. Brushing also helps blend in the extensions with your natural hair.

Depending on the length of your natural hair you may need to visit your regular hairstylist to have him/her add some layers to your Clip-In human hair extensions by EH Hair. Or, if you’re brave, you can do it yourself!

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