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Sensational Platinum Blonde Color Tips for You

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The shimmering platinum blonde makes everyone think of the gorgeous Hollywood starlet. Cool and aloof, but the envy of every girl in the room. And you can get that same dazzling, platinum blonde look. Plus, add a little warmth to the style with soft or romantic hairstyles.

This iconic color has an other-worldly look. It is extremely rare to find someone who is a natural platinum blonde. But fortunately, you can get the look with the right stylist. Hydrogen peroxide (aka bleach) is part of the technique to get this stunning hue of the stars.




  • You are a Natural Dark Blonde

It’s easiest to start with a darker blonde if you want to go platinum. Shades of ash blonde to sandy blonde and golden blonde to dark blonde are all candidates to go lighter. They work great when you want to brighten your hair to that exotic platinum blonde hue. Darker shades of brown or black hair make it a little tougher to get to that super light blonde color.

  • Healthy, Shoulder-LengthHair

Your hair should be really healthy if you want to go platinum. And typically shoulder length hair gets trimmed more often than longer hair. Getting that platinum blonde shade is hard on your hair. So any damaged hair doesn’t do well in the process. Plus, if your hair is shorter, you get a more uniform color for your locks.

  • StayAwayfromDamagingInfluences

Getting that platinum blonde look is harsher on your hair that other coloring or highlighting processes. So before and especially after, treat your hair with the utmost of care. That means carefully patting your hair dry rather than rubbing it with a towel. Stay away from heat-styling like blow drying and curling or straightening irons. And use a wide-toothed comb to gently comb your hair when needed instead of a brush. This helps to reduce any damage to those shining locks.

  • SoftentheStyle

Try an underdone hairstyle with your brilliant platinum blonde hair. Soft, clean lines make this look more alluring and approachable. Try casual wisps of hair around the face for a romantic style. And flowing waves look amazing on a platinum blonde. Or a tousled bob looks down-to-earth in this shining hue. Plus, dark roots are all the rage with today’s highlighting trend. And those roots will soften your luminous locks to make your style even more captivating.



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