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Living with Tape Hair Extensions – Hair Extension Tips and Tricks

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Tape hair extensions are one of the easiest and best methods available to boost the appearance of your natural hair by adding style, volume and length. With all hair extensions, we want them to look natural. The goal of hair extensions is to blend them with your natural strands and improve them, so they look natural.

So, if you want to know how you can conceal your tape-ins and make them look natural, read the following tips and tricks.

Tape-In Placement

The key to tape-ins that look natural is the correct application and placement. To hide them completely, you need to know where to put them. The first step is finding Jadore best hair extensions Australia who offer an extensive range of premium 100% Remy hair extensions.

Once you’ve bought your extensions and you’re happy with your purchase remember not to tape the extensions too close to your scalp. Putting the tapes an inch from your scalp lets your natural strands breathe and also allows them to move more naturally.

When taping, do not go too high up. If the tapes are too close to the hairline, the more likely it is that the tapes will be noticeable. This can obstruct the natural movement of your locks; you want the top of your hair to be as free as possible so that it moves naturally.

Applying the right number of tapes is also crucial to be able to hide them well. If your hair is dense or thick, you should place most of the tapes on the lower section, where the extensions won’t be noticeable. If your hair is very thin, you will need more tapes to achieve the desired volume, but bear in mind that also means it’s going to be harder to hide them.

Hair Extensions Styling

One of the easiest ways to ensure that the tapes are hidden is to curl your locks slightly. Making curls will help you hide the tapes and give you more volume. Curls are an excellent idea because they blend and connect the extensions with your natural hair.

But remember to avoid using hairstyling tools that are too hot on your hair extensions. You should never use too much heat on them, and it’s vital that you use a heat protectant. Another neat tip to remember that will help conceal your tapes is to try and tease your strands in certain areas. To do this, look for layers of your natural hair between the rows of tapes and tease them a bit.

Don’t overdo it though because then you’ll end up with odd bulges.

Hairstyles to Hide Your Tape Hair Extensions

Another tip for guaranteeing that the tapes are completely hidden is to make a braid or ponytail hairstyle. These are great hairstyles because they can conceal the extensions and there’s no way they can poke out.

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