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Hand Blender vs. Blender Grinder: Which Is the Better Choice?

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All living beings need food and humans basically survive more on cooked food than raw.So,cooking is an integral part of human life. Our grannies used to do everything manually, but with time the way people cook has changed. The advancement of science and technology has led to the invention of several useful appliances that have eased up life in the kitchen. Using these appliances, you can complete several chores that used to take hours easily and efficiently in almost no time today.

While cooking, you need to do a lot of mincing, pureeing, chopping and powdering to make different dishes and all of it takes lot of time when done manually. Making use of blenders and grinders, these can be completed quickly.

There are majorly two types of blenders available – handblender and blender grinder.Let’s see which one is better.


A blender grinder can handle multiple chores. For instance, you can use them for grinding, grating, making purees, powdering spices for curries and mincing of fruits and vegetables.

Hand blenders, on the other hand, can make purees, soups and sauces but on a lower scale. The best part of having a hand blender in the kitchen is that it is quite handy and the ingredients to be pureed can be put directly into the container. But, when it comes to other chores that a grinder can do like powdering, grinding etc. then it is beyond the territory of a hand blender.

Functions and Price

Hand blenders come in the wattage of 200 to 800 Watts and in the price range of few hundreds to few thousands. The most basic model is just a stick blender that works at a low wattage, doesn’t have any accessory with it and is just used for mixing. As you go up, the wattage and price start getting higher.

Blender Grinders are costlier than hand blenders, but given the number of tasks they are capable of performing they justify that cost. They often come with 10-12 preset functions that help in making a variety of dishes – bothfood and beverage – bymerely pressing a particular function point. Making of fruit juices, crushing ice, preparing dosa batter, making smoothies is simple with this appliance in your kitchen.

A good blender grinder comes equipped with hot and cold blending features and safety features like overcurrent protection. It is the perfect appliance for making smooth soups and smoothies that are consistent throughout. The ones that have pre-set functions are very convenient as you can just switch on and leave them to work while you take care of other chores in the kitchen. With the hand blender, you can’t do that.


If you just need to make a soup or a smoothie once in a while and don’t want to invest much, then a basic hand blender is what you should go for. But if you are looking for a versatile appliance that can take care of various needs in the kitchen and in fact work as an extra pair of hands you should definitely go for a blender grinder.

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