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Chic and Stylish Layered Haircuts for Long Hair

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Layered haircuts are good news for long-haired chics. If you are not endowed with long hair; definitely you cannot grow it yourself. Some people can’t just exceed their genetically set length while others stress themselves with brittleness, and not forgetting the burden that can be caused by the long hair because of its heaviness.

For those who are in the last category, they are left with the layered haircuts as their last option. You can raise your hair to the length you want keeping in check the heaviness that comes with the long hair. Here are the some of the best appealing, striking haircuts you can choose.


  1. Multi-Layered Mix

This is the most selected choice for most women who need a slim cut that gives body and motion. The main ingredient here is the style of mixing the layers. The layers of the face are shortened while leaving the other layers all mid-sized.

  1. Face –Flaming Layers

No matter the texture or the colour of your long hair, this flattering haircut will keep you rocking. Much attention is paid to the hair on the face, leaving the other layers to fall. The extended length usually commences at the chin.

  1. Straight and Chic

The cut gives you fresh, sleek texture and are shinier with long layers and trimmings well feathered yet not compromising on the length. The goal is to bring up the shape and hair motion.

  1. Choppy Dimensional Layers for Balayage Hair

Most long haircuts find art putting the colour in style. When paired with small balayage it looks quite attractive. To see the colour transition effect, include beach waves in styling the hair.

  1. Long Hair with Subtle Layers

This cut’s layers seem unnoticeable as they flawlessly augment each other. These layered haircuts are ideal for those hair length enthusiasts who are obsessed with layers illusions rather than the normal ones.

  1. Long Tousled Layers

Stunning, bed head appeal is indicative of Brigitte Bardot. Use both bangs and long locks and includes some tousled waves for sexy look.

  1. Sleek, Straight Tresses

Succulent, extended locks like these definitely will need regular blow-dry. Most important learn how to style it as the hair is not for the business women. When you go for a blowout, learn from the stylist what she does and invest significantly on the straightened, drier and brush.

  1. Cute Layered Hairstyles and Cuts for Long Hair

To allow for smooth movement you can consider the layers that start at the shaft and extend downwards. The trimmed layers ideally should begin above the shoulders.

  1. Long Textured –Revealing Layers

When it comes to long layered haircuts, it becomes essential to choose the amount of blending to put within the layers. You can dramatically cut the medium and extended layers and apply highlights such as honey blonde to bring out the beauty of the layers.


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