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Capillus Is a Laser Therapy Device with a Hat – Know the Details Here

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Hair loss is disappointing that people are looking for ways to grow their hair. The laser therapy device is a device that works as a hair loss treatment. One such is the Capillus. It is also similar to other LLT devices such as iRestore, Hair Max and Theradome and works in the similar way in treating hair loss. It is unique in some aspects.

What is Capillus system?

Capillus is a laser hair therapy for androgenic alopecia that refers to pattern baldness in any men or women. This is not FDA approved, but is FDA cleared. Capillus laser therapy is safe and energizes spurring new growth of hair follicles, thereby ensuring natural hair growth.

There is a difference in this system. It is different from the regular LLLt device. The Capillus represents its device that is like a cap or rather a hat. The device has a detachable hat and an inner dome. The inside dome has laser diode boards and a plastic shield is given covering the laser diode board preventing diodes from directly contacting hair as the cap is worn. The Capillus latest version comes with a flexible patent dome design.

Capillus laser caps

Capillus comes in three models: Capillus82, Capillus202 and Capillus272pro. The difference in these three models is in the diodes number. The warranty is different. The price is almost proportional based on the diodes number. It is approximately charged as $10 per diode, and relatively this is low in comparison to other brands.

Capillus works for people with genetic hair loss (androgenic alopecia). Apart from this, even with genetic hair loss, it is mainly for men in the age group of 18-48 and women in the age group of 18-60 years suffering from hair loss.  The capillus working is also based on the skin type such that the Capillus reviews reveal that it works for lighter skin than the darker skin. This is because the light is unable to penetrate the dark skin.

How Does Capillus Work? 

Capillus refers to the hat that is worn on the head and is expected to be switched on. It liberates red light that is absorbed by your cells. The energy produced by the light stimulates in the metabolism rate a rapid change and also in the ATP cells production. This causes the hair follicles to produce again even if they had been dormant for a long time. In fact, the results will be apparent in the 17 weeks beginning.

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