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Bag It! Pairing the Right Bag for the Occasion

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While sling bags work great for the office, a rucksack is more up your alley for a trek. We list the different kinds of bags and when to use them.

A joke often bandied about goes like this: Women’s dresses don’t have pockets, or how else could the fashion industry sell them bags?

Jokes apart, bags are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. And there are so many types to choose from, with so many colours and materials. But you might sometimes be left confused about which type of bag to use when. Stop worrying about it, and read on to know more.

1 Sling bags. These are best for office wear, though you will need to pick a sober colour and minimise surface embellishments. Bright lettering, long tassels and neon shades are a strict no for sling bags that you take to work. Sling bags are quite versatile as well – they come with a shoulder strap and also a handle, so they transition seamlessly from office wear to casual occasions. The bag should be of a size that holds all the essentials – wallet, mobile phone, car keys, lunch box, water bottle, etc.

2 Backpacks. Backpacks are great for outdoor picnics, hikes, treks, biking and motorcycling tours, etc. Their rough and tumble nature makes them ideal for use in the great outdoors. Wear a backpack with jeans, a cotton tee and sneakers. Normally, backpacks are associated with school and college students, but adults can rock them with élan too.

3 Laptop bags. As the name suggests, these are bags designed to carry your laptop, its charging cable and any other accessories that go with it (mouse, mouse pad, cleaning solution and brushes, etc.) However, they are quite versatile and can be used to carry other work-related material like notepads, stationary, loose papers, etc. They may be built like backpacks or be constructed flat and fitted with a shoulder strap and handle. These bags can be taken to the office only.

4 Clutches. Clutches are meant for social occasions. Since they are quite small in size, they cannot hold too much of your stuff – some items of makeup, a money purse and your mobile phone are all that it may hold. Also, stuffing it with too many items may change its shape. Clutches go well with a formal dress.

5 Handbags. Handbags hold every item that a woman needs – they are the source of much puzzlement to those who wonder how one bag can carry so much! These bags are a blessing for the modern working woman, especially young mothers who may need to carry extra supplies for their tiny tots when they go out. The handbag can be slung over the shoulder or carried in the hand, and it is normally made of a pliable material that doesn’t change shape easily. They are good for both formal and casual occasions.

Once you’ve figured out the type of bag to go with the type of occasion or venue, it is time to look at different materials and shapes. Access your preferred online shopping site and look up the season’s latest styles in sling bags, clutches, wallets and more. This summer, you can tog up in the latest styles in bags and make a cool fashion statement wherever you go.

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